DOA (Dead on Arrival-Diary of an Outlaw)

is the brainchild of ANGEL, The Pirate King and new ruler of the Seven Seas.


Hailing from the streets of Detroit and a farm in Michigan,

the former front man of the rock band,

"Down in Hollywood", has developed a very unique, gritty

and appealing style.

At 6’3, He was a force to be reckoned with on the football

field,until a leg injury made him turn his focus to his first

passion, music and art.


Since then he has never looked back. 

The Pirate King took a long hiatus from the public eye to focus on family after discovering his wife Patricia was diagnosed with long term  cancer. After a brave and heroic fight against the disease, Patricia passed away in early 2018.  On her death bed, Patricia asked The Pirate King to return to the spotlight and finish what they started.

ANGEL made that promise and that beautiful story is beginning to play out today.


Amongst Angel's many artistic gifts are singing, songwriting, screen play writing, photography, cinematography and directing. With that in mind, Angel recently decided to put his multiple talents to use and has ventured out as a solo artist to write, direct and produce his own independent film.


The Pirate King is a fearless poet who unselfishly sacrifices his privacy for the sake of his craft and his fans. The deeper side of life and helping others through song and poetry means as much to Angel as breathing, and it shows in his heartfelt writing. Whether he is scripting a movie or singing, he delves deep into the frustrations of life, the physical aspect of relationships and the more pure and intimate human connections we all relate to and share. In doing so, he creates music and art that promises to move and excite his listeners and viewers. 


Communication with his fans is so important to Angel and he shows his appreciation for them through being ever present on his social networking sites. He is always happy to say hello, offer a kind word, make you laugh or simply smile. You will feel like you belong in his world and that your friendship and support mean the world to him, and that is because it truly does. 


To quote Angel: “I am very blessed to have the opportunity to use the one medium that is universal to speak and connect with the masses. If my success can be measured by how something I sing or write may touch or even help others, then I consider myself the luckiest man and will never take these things for granted, ever!”

The Pirate King attributes a spiritual awakening, Law of Attraction, love for the Universe and the beauty of one day finding true love again as reasons he is so grateful and excited to re-engage his newfound pirate journey.


With Angel's outstanding talents, fierce determination, soulful voice, charismatic confidence and alluring looks and personality, he is a true artist that has the potential to become one of the greatest entertainers of our time. 


Catt London

Director and Senior Writer