Stay Real.                  Stay Loyal.                 Stay True.              Ride or Die.


ANGEL started D.O.A (Dead On Arrival | Diary of an Outlaw) in 2019 after suffering the tragic loss of his wife to cancer. Feeling "DEAD ON ARRIVAL" to his new beginning, the man was hell bent on making a difference in the world with this new chapter in his life. Using music, spoken word and truth by his side, ANGEL ventured into the future with a vision of a  place where like minded individuals could come together and create unity through learning and personal growth. D.O.A represents authenticity, honor and truth. In a world searching for it's identity, ANGEL believes deeply in a new age learning with old school morality approach to every situation. In starting this group he has been able to give back to others, educate on real world struggles and situations while creating a new voice of honesty in helping to reach those who may need it. D.O.A is growing with the support of like minded individuals who also appreciate the gift of life and the importance there is in creating a better world together.  Sometimes before we can truly live, we must die a little inside. This is one of ANGEL's favorite saying's and we also believe thrives at the heart of what D.O.A stands for.

Burn Rubber Not Your Soul.



Ride or Die T-shirt (unisex)

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Ride or Die T-shirt (unisex) features the epic statement of what "Ride or Die" truly means. Not only will you look good but everyone will know your a true m##her F##ker!

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