A Christmas Story. 🎄

A Christmas Story:

Twelve days ago a cat that had been in our family for years passed away. Being the first thing my late wife and myself ever bought together when we were super young and had nothing the cat was dear to me and held special meaning. “Carla” was one of the best behaved animals I have been around and even in her passing, she was dignified and protective of her people. To watch how my family has learned how to deal with souls passing on and the strength & beauty they display in that wake of loss, well, it makes me so proud that I was involved in forming such wonderful morals and human beings. As happens with the universe, when something leaves, something else comes in to your life. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ This is the new lovely soul in our household as of last night. #ChristmasKittens Brings nothing but joy and harmony. How truly grateful I am to the Universe today. I ❤️ what the universe provides and how beautiful life is. Today with pride, I feel like the richest person on Earth. How blessed I be to see so much abundance, beauty and happiness in the immediate. Isn’t it funny how a simple ball of fur can bring so much ❤️ in such a small package. What a wonderful life this can be...

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