A message from The Pirate King. 🏴‍☠️ 12/23/20.

This is a ground-breaking, one time post today 12/23/20 as I have reached a level of higher mind thinking that has changed my existence forever. 🏴‍☠️ Currently myself and my energies are being #shadowbanned around the internet for trying to work outside of a system of control that wants to force you to purchase what they sell over feeling the humanity in your soul and freeing your mind. To this ban I say as the infinitely powerful #PirateKing “who cares” and you are doing the direct opposite of stopping the wave of love I am generating and you are making me become MORE of the #Rockstar that I have always been and stand at the cusp of realizing my infinite potential. Yes, my numbers are 25% of what they were and the system control is ridiculous BUT numbers don’t matter in my world, #LOVE does and will be the REAL reason I will rule the world with love in the coming years. I have realized that by allowing negativity to creep in, i am holding myself back from helping other people, growing and being the leader I was chosen too. Today I declare, I am the ine and only #thepirateking👑 my music is #magic and will soon rule the world as will the love of the #pirate13nation You have only helped me discover who I am fully and why I am so beautiful and unique and can lead this dark world to the light in this year of #conjunction I am not ashamed of who I am AND I represent the silent masses that do not care about race, religion or bullshit and truly care about humans, love and healing. I have re-realized that I love music because it is the #universallanguage of love and I will improve to be the greatest on Earth and use this power for good. I am LOVE and so proud of everyone in my tribe and tell you to prepare for the onslaught of following that is coming. Pirates we are. Legends we will be and it’s all because I no longer have any doubt I am divine chosen light and whether it be my tribe or my Pirate Queen, I will no longer be settling for anything unfit for a #King because my world of unconditional love will be everyones world soon and no shadow ban or negativity can blind me from this vision and it’s true beauty. Today begins my rise. Sincerely, The King. 🔥

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