A Story of One Mother's Love: #MothersDay

Mother’s Day is a time for thanks to the person upon this Earth who not only brought us life but in most cases, taught us what love is as well. On this Mother’s day while in observation, I would like to tell a short story of love in it’s purest form, about one Mother's Love to her children from the heart.

Quite possibly in recent history, I have mentioned my wife passing too often but understand that I do so in the attempt to teach/help others and using her tragedy/memory/story of turning something tragic into something beautiful I believe is a very positive tool which helps complete her mission of goodness. I do hope the following words will bring a warm feeling to your hearts instead of tear to your eye on this day of thanks for mothers, I honor the most beautiful and truest Mother I have ever seen and I say this with all the honesty from my heart, which, I hope at this point, you would know, comes from who I am, to the core.

My wife suffered her battle with triple negative breast cancer for years in front of my children eyes and even in her misery, she put on a positive face day after day to protect them. She was a soldier in the truest sense, which is admirable in the ethos of any good soldier’s creed and she will forever be an inspiration to my journey. She was beautiful and strong to the end and her bravery through this horrid disease did indeed save my children from suffering. I can honestly say they are better both physically and emotionally, more well-adjusted people if you will and this is due to her bravery, which I will forever be indebted to her for. To honor her today, I would like to tell a story of the moment I cherish the most because I do believe the sadness and beauty in the story are worthy of making a monument for:

A few months before her passing, she was a frail 90 pounds and very sickly due to the disease (cancer) taking its final hold to the point that experimental therapist had even denied her treatment. She was told she would die and it devastated her. She was sad and broken inside to know she would be leaving us soon. Barely able to walk or even make it through each day, she did make one last plan for our family to share, a lasting memory, if you will, which, is where this short story will begin and end.

Unbeknownst to any of us, my wife purchased tickets to a college basketball event, my kids' favorite team, in the upper bowl (which I cannot understand to this day) during the New Year holiday season in the dead of winter in the state of Michigan. In the freezing cold, she prepared herself, bald head from chemotherapy and all, loaded us all into the family truckster, and we attended the event.

During those moments I watched her struggle with every last ounce of energy she had left in her soul, up the stairs, almost falling every step, even with assistance until we finally reached our seats. She was all smiling while attempting to pretend there was not a care in the world. After taking a 5-minute break from exhaustion, the look of pure fatigue upon her face, she blurted out: “Let’s go get something to eat.” We all ambled back down the steps and made our way to the huge plethora of concessions the building had to offer and let me tell you, for my debit card, it was a field day. My wife bought my kids everything listed on every menu. It was ridiculous. The bill was outrageous. She smiled the whole time and hugged them constantly and below the surface of the party at hand was the end to this tragically gorgeous short story...

I remember watching her and understanding this was her goodbye to my kids. Her way of letting them know she loved them more than her life and for as much as she tried to live for them, she had no choice but to leave them BUT she wanted them to understand as she left, just how much loved them which was more than any single thing on planet Earth. It was so very sad, but so very her and all of the wonderful things inside of her that made me adore her. It was why I loved her and why I would have no problem helping her die, to end the pain, end the suffering and put such grace to rest.

Obviously, I can write wonderful sonnets about how awesome the evening was and how my kids were happy and it was a memory that our family will hold dear for eternity but I will not draw this writing through tears out any further. I will simply end this story by saying this: if any of you ever wonder what the beauty or grace or importance of being a Mother is, remember this story I tell you today, because, for me, this was the most beautiful act of love I have ever witnessed or ever probably will and it could only come from the heart of a Mother’s, deep within her soul, where perfection lives.

To my wife, Happy Mother’s Day…

You loved and remembered wherever you are.

To all the Mother’s, I hope this story helps you understand how much you truly are cherished and adored.

Be Blessed.

I am.


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