Answering a Fan / Friend Question: Can you truly be in ❤️ with someone and sleep with someone else?

I had a fan / friend ask me the following question:

“ANGEL, do you think if someone loves you truly and you break up but you both really LOVE each other, do you think sleeping with other people is a good idea if you still love them”?

This is a complicated answer. I would say you two need to say your sorries, tell each other the truth of how you can’t live without one another and finally be honest, put aside your bullshit, kiss and give each other your hearts.

However, after all my years, this is my feeling on fucking other people when you truly love someone:

“You absolutely CANNOT be truly “in love” with a person and have a sexual relationship with another. History has proven that you cannot. Consider the millions of scenarios that have played out over and over during the past thousands of years. Adultery. Betrayal. Deceit. Loyalty. Faithfulness. Trust. Etc etc.

The first thing you have to do is distinguish Infatuation and Love. The first being nothing more than an instinct to have sex. Born straight out of the need to survive through procreation. We look for others to have sex with to have babies. Pleasure is the driving force to make sex the most powerful force in the world. This ensures our survival. Infatuation is NOT Love. And the two CANNOT CO-EXIST.

You find me one relationship that has built itself upon Love, while at least one person has permission to go around having sex with others. You will not find one. And any man or woman that claims they are in one, are fools. Because they obviously do not know what Love really is. They obviously have a ill conceived idea of what it is. Not surprising. Consider the thousands of so called “love songs” in the world that are nothing more than booty calls and pity parties. Infatuation is commonly sung about. But true Love is rarely in a song. Because real Love isn’t music. It is a result, earned. Older couples that have been married for many years can attest to what it is.

If you truly love someone, they have your heart and soul. Anyone else is simply taking space. True love never dies. Remember that people. Say the things you need too, your heart knows the truth.”

Love & Spanks,




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