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I apologize to those on my blog but my phone is having a difficult time accessing the app. I do promise to work on here more in the near future as the music and #pirate13nation begin the assault on the world in mid April. I thank all of you for the thousands of likes, followers and new faces internet wide. We are a testament to the fight against the control system and how if you work your ass off and have talent, even the machine cannot stop goodness. When you LIKE / SHARE / FOLLOW any of my or the pirate 13 nation's material you are giving to a charity in some ways. The Charity of Free Thought and acknowledgement you want more than what those with money can force on you. I understand many of you were disappointed that I stepped away from the system years ago, left the label and lost the multitude of promotion dollars that come with contract but I was creating it all anyway, why should they be able to take credit. This fight is a new fight. A 21st century fight for justice. I am now THE PIRATE KING and through PIRACY I WILL SUCCEED in taking back what was rightfully mine in the first place. I am the KING of ALT. ROCK. It is only a matter of time before it returns and when it does, I will use that power to NOT buy big houses or cars or retain pu##y, instead you will see the Pirate Nation at hospitals, events, donating and serving the one true universal cause that matters which is love. If you share my work, please write me and show me. Please let me know you are out here fighting the fight along with me. I cannot see and know everything and what you may take as being ignored may be my energy cannot see yours so please tell me, I would like to see. I love each and every soul that exists and I appreciate those who have been so very patient while I battle my demons. That is over now and it truly is time to begin. Click the link in the bio and follow my profiles AND the pirate 13 nation before it kicks off. I thank you for your time and as always, it's A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME, baby!


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