Be good to your kids.

good to your kids.y paternal grandfather abandon my dad in a convenience store at six years old. I have held been witness to the anguish that parental abandonment can have on someone. My Sicilian step grandfather took on five kids (two that were his and three that were not) and a 21-year-old wife. Until the day he died, he worked his ass off to take care of everyone. I dedicate this post to all of those who are adulting correctly, unselfishly and support their children with the deepest love from the bottom of their hearts. The job that you do daily may go unnoticed by many but it does make an extreme difference to the goodness in our world. I send my love to all of you today as you take on Tuesdays work load and continue to be there for your children. You are the heroes in my life. Soldier on, and continue to be the light we follow in the darkness.


Love & Spanks,




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