Beauty is beyond skin deep. Yes

Instead of making a Facebook live for questions, I have decided to answer them in word form on my blog. I will continue to do live videos, but we will keep them short and sweet to say hi to everyone and I will keep the deep questions to pen and pad...⠀

I had a very beautiful, kind hearted female friend of mine say to me: “ I don’t have any tattoos, I don’t think you would find me attractive.” This comment bothered me, and I would like to address it now, if I may:⠀

My wife, great spirit rest her soul, did not have a single tattoo on her entire body. She was a schoolteacher, and although I was a psychotic rockstar, she spent her life helping children mold their lives. ⠀

Tattoos mean nothing if your soul is empty. Beauty is defined by what is inside of a human beings heart, not something they can edit on themselves and self proclaim.⠀

For the record, ugly or not, better or worse, I tatted every crappy tattoo on myself excluding the large one on my back. Each tat I have represents a secret meaning to me and I did them for me, not for the world. ⠀

The new trend of body art merely to get attention on social media makes me rather rather sick. I decided to head to myself in respect of the old ways of the world. Old native warriors would tattoo themselves in the attempt at giving praise to Mother Earth and their surroundings, not to get likes on social media.⠀

With all that said, to answer my friends comment, her beauty is inside of her soul, and I find her to be an extremely attractive human being. Anyone would be blessed to be with a deep, well-grounded human being who is giving. Tats mean absolutely nothing in the lexicon of depth and soul, they are merely a self representation that is permanent. A beautiful soul, that is what makes someone beautiful. ⠀

Yes, tattoos can be beautiful but so can eyes, lips, smiles, How she does her hair, how she dresses, how she carries her self, and how a woman respects herself. My friend and any other woman without tattoos should never question their beauty Because if you look inside a kind woman is heart, I promise you, you will see the most beautiful woman in the world, tattoos or not. Join my #blog


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