Becoming a gentle soul.

Quotes like the most beautiful people are broken have become societal taglines that people flippantly utilize, post on social media and move on with their day. Becoming a truly beautiful soul, A more kinder gentler healer and being able to extend yourself from the love inside your heart can only be done by someone who has unfortunately been beaten figuratively. The many blows in life may leave you disoriented at times but just remember that like boxing, a true champion will take hits that may knock them out on their feet but they keep moving forward, keep fighting until it is their heart that helps them reach their goals. Just like that fighter, it is not the blows we take but how when we have fallen, we pick ourselves back up. Weakness is not being a better person, it is actually the inability to grow and you must understand that being a gentle soul is what makes you beautiful. Strive for a higher plane. Love yourself, love others, and embrace both the struggle and where it takes you. From the ashes will rise something beautiful. Be that.#Iamangelsynn #Fallenangelrising #quotes #blog #bogger #instagram #tuesdaymotivation

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