Being with a woman you truly love. ☠️

From my heart to all of you: “Being with a woman you truly love is not about possession. It’s not about lust or passions. Its not about showing the world you have her or being more macho. Being with the woman you truly love is about one thing and one thing only. Being able to look at her and know in your heart and soul that your life together, your happiness, sadness, successes and failure could only ever be shared with her. Your entire universe revolves around the fact that your love story will never be perfect or fit the image of what others would want it to be. It is perfect for the two of you and that is all that ever mattered. You can’t live without her makeup on your bathroom counter or her reminder to take your lunch. It’s her smile, her soul, her goodness to others and this woman’s heart that give reason to why you would rage to the death and work so hard to show her you love her. It’s the reason you wake up early on Sunday to watch her laying silent in bed and even the reason you will say something smart ass or childish sometimes so she’ll respond to let you know that you are her lover to the end (Nobodies perfect). It’s not the money, the sex, the times you share, its not the photos, vacations or way she wears her hair. No my friend, none of these are the reason you love her so damn much. It’s simply because she’s your girl, the one who you love so true, the person who is the other half of you. The one who would never leave or trade you for a million ex’s or Brad Pitt’s. She’s your queen, your flower, friend and fellow soldier of love but most of all, she is your person and that is why you would turn over heaven and earth just to see her smile. Thats what being with a friend woman you truly ❤️ means. Its because in your mutual world she makes you a better man and that alone is worth falling in love with over and over again. Love is everything,so, never let her forget for a second that she is yours. “ #rideordie #bikerwisdom #ANGEL ☠️ ⁣

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