Believe in you.

Of all people on planet Earth, I understand feeling overwhelmed or that things can seem impossible.

Yes, the simple fact is, life can be a bitch but just because today is difficult does not mean you should ever lose faith in yourself or your ability to shine.

Believe that your perfect path is being laid out right now and you are simply walking in the shadows to find the sun.

Have faith that your perfect someone is out there waiting for you when the time is right, this is just the time you both need to prepare for one another.

Without struggle we cannot achieve appreciation for the perfect moments in our lives.

Have faith in you.

You’re time is coming.

It is always darkest before the dawn.

You must first believe in your goal before you can truly achieve it.

The scars you have accumulated, and the fire you walk through now is simply creating a new, beautiful human that will rise like a phoenix and claim the life you are working towards.

Believe in the miracle that is you. Forgive yourself, love yourself, be yourself.

...and when that light of love, and success in contentment finally shine upon your happiness, just remember that you deserve it and these struggles you are now enduring is the price we all must pay to become the beautifully broken but happy messes we work to achieve both physically and mentally every day.

Believe in yourself.

Struggle can only birth a better you and life.

Get ready to dance in the sun but first you must dance in the rain.

Love yourself.



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