blessed to serve.

I do not step out and acknowledge many things so this is an auspicious day. I even cleaned up to receive the. award. Thank you to my #almamater#michiganstateuniversity for the award of #humanitarian efforts for the #shortfilm#musicvideo - #Thesecolors (on #youtube now) and the song #tightrope which has brought awareness to the plight of opportunity rehabilitation / justice in the US legal system nationwide. The video was blessed to become a viewing tool for the underage that toured the Midwest and country helping enlighten others to the circumstance. To be acknowledged in love and see a continued support in my quest to make the world a better place through entertainment is truly a blessing. To the wonderful people of MSU who cared when my wife passed, cared when I made controversial art and cared when the academy awards denied the project because it didn't fit an agenda, I thank you. To those who love and care for me across social media, I have worked through my demons and over the next two weeks, myself #DOA and #pirate13nation and finally, to all those who value art, love, God, Universe and yourself, my commitment is to be a soldier of good in the fight against a system that wants to control us. I love you all. Thank you.

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