Burn Bright, Survivor.

Some of us have had unfair things happen during our lives. Maybe plans haven’t turned out quite as we had hoped, and it really does sucks when life plans fall short, doesn’t it? When we come to this realization, there are two choices, two paths to choose from, we can either give up or get going.

Personally, I think that when life gives us lemons, we should just make lemonade, and not that sour stuff, but rather, that super-sweet, country-time lemonade we loved as a kid, you know what i’m Talkin’ about! 😉

Listen, hard times are not about self-defeat, no, not in the least. Instead, they are about learning, and growing as a human being. Don’t feel down when facing hard times, instead, life is saying “if you rise up out of those ashes now, and put on a new attitude, you will not only come out alive, but you’ll come out with twice what you had before, and soar.”

We all fall short. We all have burned in failure, but that’s ok. Just pick yourself back up. There is no shame in it. Don’t wallow in the ashes of defeatism, instead, smolder in the ashes of your own resurrection, burn bright in the flames of your new found journey, and when you finally find your new attitude, and the life you have always dreampt of, don’t be shy, don’t hold back....hell no!

I say light it up, and from that moment forward, be the whole damn fire.

Burn bright. You are a survivor




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