Do you know who you truly love? 🏴‍☠️

Do you know who you truly love? Is there someone in this universe, under the heavens that you cannot forget, try to resist or fills your ❤️ with miss? I post things to make people uncomfortable. To force them to think or feel. I am hetro, but I do believe that love has no boundaries or definition if yours happens to bend social norms or thinking. Fuck anyone who would try to define you. Whatever love is to you, embrace it. To not tell someone what they mean or how much you care for them is a lifetime regrettable mistake. I can honestly say I have always confessed my feelings and also been burned but that is OK. At least I did so and I will never regret it. If there is someone in this world you cannot live without but you are just too damn scared or stubborn to do so, I suggest highly to be the boy or girl, man or woman standing in front of that person just God damn telling them you don’t want to live without them. Society sucks. It’s taking away all the pretty postcard moments of love. Fuck that. We all get hurt. It happens but is that really worth losing someone that special for? I think some garanimals are worth it, don’t you? Life ain’t nothin’ but beaches and doughnuts anyway so if there is just one person to hang with for you, I mean end game. Go get ‘em, if they ask what got into you, tell them ANGEL sent you. Love them like there is no tomorrow. Say your sorry for any stupid shit. Start anew. Live. Grow. Be you but love so them true. Set your hearts on 🔥 #rideordie

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