Does True Love Exist?

Does True Love Exist?

'tis the age ole' timeless fuel for social media quotes, thoughts commentary and banter. Here is my short ended thought on such an enormous exposition:

Today I viewed up to 20 comments from seeming playboy models exposing on love and what they believe set subject is. No offense but a person driven by outer exterior success and a lack of life experience exposing on one of life's great mysteries is like a used car salesman telling the world how much he loves the car he is about to sell you. Possibly true but mostly based in the fact they want to sell you something out of there knowledge scope for personal gain and it will take a lifetime to understand the wrong in their little white lie.

True love is such a tragically poetic beautiful that it drove one of the worlds most gifted writers of drama, tragedy and romance (Shakespeare) to the height of his fame, yet I am not sure if he ever truly knew the feeling. To answer if true love exists or what it is would be a fools game, and beyond the pirate that writes in front of you BUT what I can do is give you my quick take on what true love means to me.

Yes, true love is a feeling, an adage, a verb, noun, phrase and lifestyle but more over, I believe true love is something you can live with and not live without. True love is the person that no matter where, what, how far or how ugly words may get, you just can't stop being without. In your heart that is. It is the person you always say: "we went here together" or "they love that song" to the point your friends roll their eyes and find you boring. True love is the feeling of their hand reaching for yours in the middle of the night. Dancing together with no music. Fights between each other but in your heart you would rather rage with NO ONE else. Homesick for a person not a place and the thought of repulsion when you kiss another because you know there is only one kiss.

True love is rubbing her feet because it makes her smile and writing him little notes because you know he will think of you when he reads them. True love is again: a verb, noun in one.

It's the kind of love that words can never be enough to frame and time can never be long enough to share. It's the imperfection, the moments, the feeling and the together that no other mortal could fill in your soul. It's the secret you hold inside and the truth you live. It's the reality that you don't want to live without that person and understand they have the same reality of time understood because you learned it the hard way, together.

True love is the shade of blue, the shade of red, the shade of gray and the in between shades unspoken.

It's a rainbow, a horror show, a dream and a disappoinment. It's the living the dying the loving the learning and once again, everything in between. It's the knowing you will be there for that person through romantic interludes and last breathe, the beginning until the end. It's a truth, a lie, a myth, a fantasy, a let down and a pick me up all in one lifetime. True love is everything and nothing all at the same time and that is why I know social media quotes cannot capture it's true nature because true love can only be experienced, not exposed on a laptop.

So, what is the truth of love in my opinion you may ask?

Love is manifested much like our reality, our accomplishments or desires and goals. It will only be what we put into it and make of it. Infatuation is not love. Lust is not love. Money is not love. Fame is not love. These are all facets of what make up love on some levels but NOT what love is. Love is the feeling inside of you that cannot be ignored, bashed or created from thin air. It's the knowing inside that you truly love this person beyond any other. It's that one person who you think about. Talk about, lurk around and need in your life, regardless of how you deny it. I read so many different stories and experiences where people love someone and they allow not apologizing or distance in learning to keep them apart. Waisting time in a short life in denial of a love they will never have for another.

The simple fact is you can HAVE LOVE for many people BUT you can only truly love and be IN LOVE with one person. I understand piliamists will argue this point and I say that end of life will prove me correct. True love exists but only if you build it, manifest it and find someone who will go to battle for that love, in that love while being true TOO THAT LOVE. I have built Rome with this writing or discovered anything new. I just wrote this blog to say that if you love someone, if there is someone out there you truly love and no one will EVER take their place, "make peace with God" is my thought. I don't mean any kind of attribution with a higher power with that exclaimation, but instead, I am simply saying, be true to your heart and tell them. Love is the God of your feelings in that situational simulation so bow down and confess to it for the sake of your soul and savior in truth. Time is all we have and you are wasting it IF they truly love you as well. I continue to post this song because in this short week, thinking of true love and who/what that is too me, it is one of the greatest expositions ever created on the subject and I feel both blessed and grateful to have lived in a time when I could experience such beauty and musical grace provided by the talented and emotive late Mr. George Michael (may he be blessed):

"If you are the desert, I'll be the sea. If you ever hunger, hunger for me. Whatever you ask for, that's what I'll be. So, when you remember the ones who have lied but then left as you cried, beautiful darlin', don't think of me, because all I ever wanted, was in your eyes and love can't lie."

My God, the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

How do I know true love exists? Because like the song, the very last thing I will say to the one person on this Earth I love more than another would be EXACTLY what ends the song:

"I will be the one who loves you 'til the end of time."

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