Don’t give up on me. ☠️

My entire life people have underestimated me. They told me I would fail at #music & I had a #1 #alternativerock song. They told me I would fail in #LA and I was the front runner for the #velvetrevolver job before the band decided to not re-form. Now they say I’m down for the count. If there is one thing I can say for myself, it is that I am not a quitter. I have a goal to have the world sing with me again and my work is really getting so good that even my own negative OCD is taking a step back and saying “wow.” I apologize for sometimes disappearing, sometimes not being attentive to the fans and friends that matter to my ❤️ but I am trying to create the songs that will make you guys smile and sing a long. Creating something great is not an easy task but I am up for the task. I only ask all of you for one thing, see me for who I am. See my romantic heart and silly ass tough guy exterior and say to yourself: “you know, ANGEL may not be perfect but that is one good hearted man with #passion for his #life Don’t underestimate my #rise don’t count me out or turn on me. Stick with me and I promise you, we truly are going to do great things. They are happening but that doesn’t happen overnight. Have #faith in me like i have faith in all of you. Our #journey has just begun. Success is inside each of us but as long as your happy, that’s all we can ask for. I don’t fail you my friends. This time I’m playing for keeps and you singing and smiling is my goal. Let’s get there, together! ❤️ # ANGEL


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