Easter: Magic is Love. Magic Surrounds us.

Magic is love. Magic surrounds us. In the signs and signals from the universe. I have never written this anywhere and I will only attach this story here. When I first saw my wife, I was actually involved with a very toxic situation years ago and the first second I saw her, I knew I would marry her. We never spoke that night and I went back to the toxic situation for 6 months. After breaking free, I crossed the path of my wife days later and from the first moment we spoke we were never separated again. For most of my life, I was an atheist or non-believer because of troubles with organized religion and/or judgement. I ignored the truth I knew in my heart about destiny, soulmates, etc. and to be honest, did not understand or know anything about them until about 6 months ago BUT for years I didn't believe BUT KNEW the story of my wife and myself to be destiny and she was (until her passing and still today) my best friend, we never fought, never had jealousy and it was the most healthy relationship (helped me grow up into a man) I ever experienced. She changed my life and made me a better person. Without a doubt, my wife was a SOULMATE (as I now have learned) and until the day I die, I will begin to fight for the truth I know in my heart about the plans for the divine, higher level/dimension existence AND most importantly (for the toxic trolls on the internet) here is proof (for the legitimate soulmate/twin flame/ etc) readers, supporters and beyond, THIS EXPERIENCE with my wife (who unfortunately passed from triple negative breast cancer) did indeed happen in 1000 percent divine timing and although my own ego mind has raged at war inside for years, I, myself can attest to a higher power plan and destiny of events that DOES INDEED HAPPEN. Because of this experience I have LIVED FIRST HAND, as I ascend with this rebirth and comeback, I will also be (not radically but rather divinely) supporting such things as Law of Attraction / Twin Flames / Destiny - etc. From record contracts to tours to the union with my late wife, I have been the actual product of the love of the universe even when I didn't deserve. Proof of manifestation. Proof that when you believe, work hard and envision your perfect existence, if your heart is open and has love, it WILL come true and because of this, I am a loving pirate supporter of the divine and I do hope to use my 15 seconds of fame to be a true soldier of the universe and once again, hug, love and connect with the many great souls on this planet to make a change for the better in our lifetime. That is my main goal and everything else is the cherry on top. Due to the fact of my industry ties or former dealings, when it comes to entertainment based media, I am very skeptical because I AM ONE OF THE WIZARDS BEHIND THE CURTAIN but in my recent journey I was guided to a select few souls who I believe also mean no harm and do the work of the divine out of career path but moreover, love for humanity and help. This lady is a very lovely soul who I enjoy and her energy seems genuine and loving. Although the whole tarot card/3D connection is very confusing to me, I can say that her messages hit very close to home. If you seek such advice or unconditional support channel, please consider subbing her channel and liking her content or even just give a listen, I know when I came across the material I was skeptical and she won me over and she may do the same for you... Thank you and have a divinely loving Easter. All praise to the great spirit, -The Pirate King


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