Let the Sky turn Purple /Love/True

At times it has seemed that I have been cursed with the passion-filled inspiration to see women, and love as a lifeforce that goes beyond the mere possessions most treat them as.

For years, my heart has felt like damaged goods on the landscape of broken dreams because I cannot put feeling with a tangible home.

It would probably be easier for my heart to simply treat females and love like most males and compartmentalize them into mere goods, like a car, that can be bought and sold off at will, but I cannot.

From the first moment I heard the song "Purple Rain", my heart had found a home in musical inspiration, and feeling on the subject of love, and I will forever shed a tear when I hear it.

Many do not know this, but Prince wrote the song in reference to his fascination with the end of the world Apocalypse, and how when the end finally comes, the sky will turn purple, and heaven can only be found when you are with your perfect mate, together, at the end of time, before God.

This is simply the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

I will always be inspired by this thought and wisdom.

I may be cursed with an acute passion for the beautiful things in life. I may suffer, or feel a bit more in silence than most, but I would not trade the feeling of life it gives to my heart, and the meaning it has brought to art, time, and my soul.

I thank the great spirit for passion, for women, for love.

May I never let it go asunder...

This is my post today.

I love you.


Let her be your poetry, Sunset, Mona Lisa hanging on the wall of your heart. Tell her she is beautiful, and remind her just how sexy she truly is, from time to time...


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