There is no FLOWER that isn’t #BEAUTIFL

There is no flower that isn’t #beautiful

They all have a unique look, coloring and life. Some live a short snd glorious existence of beautification, others live forever and make the world a better place to gaze upon.

The beauty of each vessel is not the flower itself, or how it sits in the world, moment to moment. Technically speaking, flowers are classified as a weed. Rather, it is how we look at each flower, our perception and the value we put upon each that brings the beauty out to us in these lovely, real life paintings of relevance in our universe. That is why I believe there is one #flower out there for each of us.

One very special, beautiful, organic, living being who graces the #earth waiting for the perfect moment, in the proper sunlight to lend its beauty to our heart, forever. Am I speaking of flowers, or humans now? Makes no difference, there beauty, and importance to our lives are the same, but that can only be found if, and when we truly open our heart, and let that beauty shine in.

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