Give me #passion or give me death.

The pure-ness of #passion and the wanting to live in a lover soul is one of the best things on planet 🌎.

That desire to have one touch, one glance, and act purely like animals is like a secret between two lovers that is held sacred, special in a world of electronic interference that has stripped society of any kind of autonomy.

As we get older, we understand that long term means it is difficult to hold a burning🔥 daily upon but that passion, wanting, sexy prancing that brought two lovers together should never be forgotten....

I say give me sex or give me death. Give me passion or put me down, Give me that ride or die type of love where a #NiN song becomes so relevant and your bedroom is filled with two animals prancing the dance of the Earth and primal is all you will ever know.

This is what I find to be attractive and although others may not agree, I sit in the corner with a dirty little smirk on my face just thinking about it...



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