Happy Easter and time for my thrilling spring announcements.

Happy Easter and time for my thrilling spring announcements: Thank you to the hundreds of people joining this channel in just two months. I apologize for the delay but currently "The Pirate King" is being prepared for the journey and so many cool things are planned. Starting this month (April) will be an AMAZING new feature called: "Cover Song Summer" where songs chosen by the audience will be performed and music videos created in the typical off culture approach this channel has been known for and with your support, we believe the popularity is about to reach universal levels as was in "prior" career before leaving the industry. The songs for Cover Song Summer have been chosen from the submissions by fans and I can personally attest to the belief they will actually chart. Amazing concepts and cinematography will accompany AND (the feature I am most excited about) all proceeds will be donated to a different charity for each so with your support we can help the world in the name of the divine a little more every step we take to the top. Also, an exciting new original music video and release will appear every month and a half or so as well so again, with your help we begin our pirate assault upon the world. To the many souls who show me love and caring, I love each and every one of you. It is probably strange to most but I am a deeply feeling individual so every step I take for all of you means the world to me. I believe heavily in true love, destiny, universe and the divine. I do not believe in preaching or over stating but in the last 6 month the love and perspective I have attained is filled with so much love and I wish to translate that into my work and help cure the world through love so every step we take into supposed "fame" is a step closer to touching more soul's and doing the larger good for the divine meaning of unconditional love. To prepare this type of workload without signing contracts or surrendering control of the "ship" if you will does take time and emotional/mental/physical fortitude BUT of all the souls you may run across, I was the MOST built to last, so although it has taken time, we are finally here and the "PIRATE" madness is truly about to begin. I thank you for your patience, love and support. To all of the men and women with beautiful hearts, I appreciate you. To all those looking for safety, I will protect you and for all those who search for the rock in the storm, stand behind my shield. I am not perfect, I am not ego, I am simply someone who has seen the worst and it matured me into seeing, living and keeping faith in the best of beauty this world has to offer. When I say I love you, I truly do. Until the end I will fight for you. Through thick and thin I take the wounds to one day finally sit upon a throne only a good soul could pursue, the industry will not break us nor will the evil that try to undo, we are pirates and through glory until death we will see the journey through. Glory to the universe. Peace to your soul. -The Pirate King


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