Happy Valentines Day #2019

I am reading many bitter statements already today on Valentine’s Day 2019. Although the holiday is a hallmark created, money grabbing fiasco, I believe in the sheer positive side of the coin approaches, so, I hope we as passionate human beings can celebrate this day for other reasons.

Take today to celebrate love in general. Be Beautiful.Be the couple others tell to get a room. I say, tell your friends that you love them. I say, use today to remember that life is short, but love can last eternal,and you should never allow someone you love to go another day without knowing that you love them...

Use today to say the things that you mean, and mean the things that you say...

Take it from me, losing someone makes you realize just how fragile life is. If Valentine’s Day has any meaning at all, it should encompass the feeling of realizing what true love is on all levels, beyond buying cards and receiving flowers.

Not having someone to shower with my love on a day like today can be quite upsetting, but I refuse to let it get me down. Somewhere out there is my Valentine, all of us who are single....a Valentine is waiting to find us. Let love be the focal point of your Valentine’s Day. Not the lack of. A person doesn’t need to be your lover to be your Valentine.

Say I love you to someone. Hug someone. Smile at someone. You will be surprised at how much better it will make the day, and how it will change the meaning of Valentine’s Day in your heart as well. One kind act, remember that..

Just because no one wanted to be my valentine this year doesn’t mean she isn’t out there somewhere, doesn’t mean that I should have any less of a heart filled with love or feel any less about myself. Make Valentine’s Day about loving yourself and making you a better person so when your actual valentine does come along, you can celebrate that day by giving them your beautifully broken self, all healed up, and ready to truly share in a mutually uplifting relationship.

Make today a day to celebrate the people who live in your heart, and continue celebrating that same feeling with them the other 364 days of the year until the next February 14.

Rise above. Be love.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, I love you.

Spanxz, and Hugz,



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