Here’s to dirty bar rooms, tour nights, stages across the country, moonlight.

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Hre's to all the dirty bar rooms, tour nights, free drinks, moonlight, stages across the country and wonderful moments of musical bliss, the time the power went out in front of 30,000 and the stolen kiss. Here's to all the people who sang my songs, and chanted for us to play all night long. Here's to the Corona at my side, and the Rock Gods blessing me with all these nights. I loved the days on stage and maybe one day I'll be back on the pine but I will always cherish my moments with DIH, I was the #BLOODYROSE

God Damn I was lucky to have fit in those shoes, I'm just an old rock guy with a good heart and some good moves, so, here's to my days of mayhem on the road that I was soooo blessed to be a part, I love the music until the end of time, my passion, my love, BOY, have I seen some shit that you can't buy at f*cking Walmart!



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