How I became a King if Hearts.

Hello friends, I am becoming rather burned out on the topic of ❤️ due to the strains of recording heart wrenching ❤️ songs and addressing questions on #socialmedia so after today I will be taking a love hiatus for a week just to find my center but for today I have a great thought. ☠️ Nowadays, playing games on the Internet is ridiculous when you can get an app that tells you who stops by your profile and when. I know that we each have a story and many are filled with pain but just remember, new people and experiences should not pay a price for the old. I say, games are over for me. I am a grown ass man. A king building a kingdom for the right queen. I refuse to pretend I don’t like someone when I do. I won’t hold my ugly damage against their heart or be unkind. Instead, today with all of you, I vow to live for truth. I will tell a woman I like her and if she truly feels the same, then we share our souls and see what comes of it. I’ll gamble on her goodness and hidden love. Respect the fact she may want to hide behind her wall of #bossbabe but really understand the reason men suck so bad to her is the looser that free loaded in her life and abused her. I will know her confusion is less about my goodness and more about what she thinks she could miss out on because her past stole her life and even if I can see how much a union with this woman could be some Johnny & June shit, the simple truth is, she may not like country or enjoy the thought of being burned by love again. Some of these reasons may be why the internet communication goes on but in the. 21st century I think we need some 15th century romance and face to face bonding. Some #Shakespearean sonnet written just for your wish upon a star lover combined with good old conversation. So for me, if I like you I’m going to tell you. If you don’t choose me, I think it’s a mistake but I will grant your wish and leave you alone. In our current love climate, old school morales seem more necessary than ever so sure I would hope the girl would choose me 👍 but if not, you shouldn’t have to coax someone into loving your world if there might be another who will appreciate holding your hand all the same. ❤️


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