I am more than just a shell. ☠️

Sure life at times is very weighty. Outside forces affect us in ways we don’t see coming and in ways that we could never imagine but there is always still a choice in the matter. You should want more. Refuse to let life win. Fight. Don’t drift day after day allowing opportunity to not be acted upon or reacted. To think that we have no control over the future is insane. You are your own destiny. Shape that bitch. I post this picture today to show the shell of someone who has been beaten, broken, bruised yet still has the self respect to be as healthy as common enjoyment will allow, bears the self made tattoos of misfortune yet still rises from the ashes of pain. I lost my wife to cancer. Lost my second life love to her own inner turmoil, lived through the trials of entertainment yet still have not fallen apart. I respect myself. I have that love for my own empath existence and understand I am less than beautiful or perfect but still hold my head high. Although this is a societal clique, I will say it anyway:

Our scars make us beautiful. They are a testament to our fight. To our struggle and conquering of things that might have broken us, but we persevered. They are what make us unique. They are what strengthen us when life strives to break us. They fortify us. They make us who we are. To be beautifully scarred in ways that make us strong. That’s who I’ve found myself to be and I post this one and only picture of my canvas to say I may be a battered soul but you know what, homey? I’m not so bad. ❤️ #ANGEL #rise #rideordie #quoteoftheday✏️ #tattoos_of_instagram #tattoo #tattooart #tattoos #ink #tattooed #tattooist #inked #tattooing #tattoolife #tattoo2me #art #tattooink #tattoodo #tattoomodel #tattooideas #tattoolove #tattoostyle #artist #tattoo_artwork #tattooinspiration #inktattoo #blackwork ##tattoooftheday


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