I promise you, I will never be the one to let you down.

In life,

So many people can turn a heart black,

Toxic people,

Who can trample feelings like a stampede in the corral of love,

but baby,

Even though you have seen the song and dance before,

I promise you, I will never hurt you.

I know about abandonment.

I know about sorrow,

but I only mean light in the dark,

Smile in pain,

Love when you feel lost,

...and yes, we all have a weakness,

but Look me in the eye,


What we have,

and I'll remind you,

What we will always have,

Each other,

Even when everything else is gone....

In Love,

We may all have found pain,

Been disappointed to our depths,

and felt like just walking away,

but please turn around,

Look me in the eye,

I promise to never lie,

and remind you that even on your bad days,

I will love you,

Love the person you are,

Love your tears,

and never take that for granted.

In Life,

We may all fall short,

May not meet our goals,

May cry sometimes and not know why,

Why it is we do what we do,

but girl, just know,

I will never be that one to hurt your heart.

Never be a guy, you know the sort,

You cry over me.

This time is different,

and even though you have heard that about one million and one times before,

I do promise,

If you look me in the eye,

and identify,

What we have,

Just reach out your hand,

Open your heart

Allow my love to shine on your foreign land,

We will have more than four feet in the sand,

We will have a forever friendship,

We will have a forever love,

but most of all,

We will have something you never thought you could have before,

That someone who will never let you down,

Run you around,

or let you go..

Let me be that someone,

For ever and ever,

and forever we will be,

That something you will only find in me,

and it is only for you,

So, please let me in,

I promise you baby,

I will never be the one to let you down.



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