If She Bares her Body, She Bares Her Soul...

In our revolving world of continuous motion, it is sometimes difficult to see the important things in life. Difficult to spare the seconds necessary in understanding a process or another individuals complex personality. On some feasible levels of explanation, it seems this constant motion has also cluttered our humanity and clouded our perception of interpersonal relationships to the point where our basic understanding of human emotions/relationship building has been taken over by a false sense of resolution when we read quotes written by authors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson or Ernest Hemingway. A line in the sand is being drawn between the sexes as we speak and now more than ever, our need to love, be loved and understand love on all fronts seems imperative to our society, both as a collective and individually.

A reflection of this "need" for understanding love and social norms can be found in the social media barrage of online status updates that stream through our profiles, daily. Romantic relationship building resources people share in the attempt at teaching self-help with a DIY type, click of a button, reference guide for all to use. Both professional and none, these thoughts can be read, then supposedly applied to any relationship for the quick fix. However, much like fixing a broken automotive transmission, if the broken parts of love are ignored, just like that transmission, it will not be complete and will eventually cease to function. Relationships cannot be fixed by reading quote only, they cannot be saved by the occassional fancy dinners or romance filled evening alone. At the heart of any good relationship is the respect of understanding the other person and listening to their soul, understanding their desires and being able to love them enough to allow them room to live and grow while also allowing ourselves the same wiggle room.

So, here is the point of this diatribe...

Women are complex creatures, masters of the hide and seek, owners of the bluff in a card game and simply put, can out play any man on a moment by moment basis in the game of love. Women understand the topic of love and human relation on a much higher level than men. However, in the complexity that is a woman, much of the same high level expectation can also potentially put them above seeing how simple the male creature can be. That bar of expectation can be set so very high in fact, any man, without being a mind reader, will involuntarily fall flat on his face just trying.

The topic of this blog is so vast that an attempt at addressing it as a whole will not be attempted. Instead, a breakdown to a much smaller but vital focus is how the addressing of fixing love in the 21st century will be sought. From a male perspective, I believe it can be safely stated that we, as men, sometimes overlook the little things. I do not believe, in most cases, this is intentional, however, sometimes a man’s libido can overrule his heart, hence, the callus over looking of things that can potentially mean so much to the female he cares for.

One of the most important situations in a love relationship is the moment a woman finally unveils her body to her mate. I have spoken to countleas females throughout my years about this very topic and the one tried and true fact they all seem to have in common is an unfortunate insecurity about their bodies.

Media and society have put an undo pressure upon females to look a certain way. This seemingly Unfortunate situation is generated by a Societal media which sells images of the unattainable perfect people to an imperfect world which produces unnecessary pressure on women to achieve these robot-like qualities. As you can imagine, with all of the undue pressure to look perfect for your mate, this only increases the anxiety a moment like exposing your body to your lover for the first time can have, hence, if handled incorrectly, it can change the dynamic of a relationship, forever.

That topic is what this blog is about. It is not to call out one sex as being ignorant or even point the finger. Instead, I have simply created this writing to address the importance the moment a female bares her body with her lover really has. So, I thought to myself, what better way to address the beauty in a first Experience than through poetic verse:

When she bears her body, she is baring her soul :

She is like a flower,

Pedals filled with dew,

’Tis the moment she wants to share her body,

and the lucky one is you,

As her clothes slowly slide away,

and her smile reassures that she wants more,

Understand that inside she is fear filled,

and that your comments are what she is longing for,

What seems trivial is actually her bravery, Insecurity, love, but..

The lady worries you may expect more,

So, tell the girl she’s beautiful,

Let her feel there is no one on Earth,

You could possibly want more,

If you know she looks beautiful,

Help her soul,

Tell her so,

If you know this moment has her worried,

Wash away her fears,

and kiss her deeply to the core,

Her love is like an ocean deep,

This moment could not mean more,

So, care for her beyond the physical,

Be mindful she needs to hear your feelings,

A fact to not ignore,

The beauty of love she shares,

A future with her is what you may long for,

but at her moment of bravery,

The importance of recognition she is the Omega,

May be the moment her heart needs more,

Tell her she is wonderful,

Kiss her curves,

Carress her form,

Share the love you have for this woman,

but do not forget:

If she bares her body,

She bears her soul,

and that is not something,

You should take for granted,

In fact, it may define your love, forever,

So, pay attention, if you truly care for the love her heart has instore...


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