If you were a #StarWars character who would you be?

While thinking about going live this afternoon and yesterdays live chat on growing and becoming a better version of you to utilize the energy power of the #universe to #manifest thought into #reality I could not help but think of the defense mechanisms I have in place to protect myself from negativity. When dealing with evil or toxic people, I will not lie, I say that my #spiritanimal is #DarthVader because I loose #empathy when others abuse the #relationship and can no longer be trusted to act with #love ☠️ on some levels this can be seen as a bit unhealthy but in #reality those who are toxic mean no good tidings for you in the end so a #vader esque to protect your soul is sometimes necessary. Users, abusers and narcissists are heartless demons and unfortunately need to be identified and extracted before maximum damage is done to your heart and soul, in some cases, I believe it is acceptable to invoke Vader to protect your heart. Those who want to be in your life will and those that don’t must deal with dark side. Wish them love and all the best but the #force that is the #universe will understand discharging those who mean you harm. Smile today. Love someone and may the #universe be with you. See you all on live at 5pm EST.

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