I’ll do anything you want me too just as long as you keep looking at me the way you do...

Updated: Aug 16, 2018


Let her take her time,

Run your hand down her spine,

Let her sip her wine,

and destroy her manicure on your skin.


Pick her up,

Put her on your lap,

Kiss her on the nape of the neck,

Work two bodies as closely as two bodies can humanly get,


Let the dry turn wet,

Let two hearts forget,

Let your footing loose set,

Later will come,

With the sunrise,

but relax and allow nature to take its course,

Ignite her fire,

Be gentle/use force,


Figuratively and literally,

It's not about making her moan,

It's about making her forget,

Forget to breathe,

Forget to exhale,



Make the minutes and moments matter,

Show her you are worth every second,

and thirds,


Write your poem inside her hips,

End with her soul on upon your lips,

So deep inside,

You come from out of her thoughts...


It's not a race,

Leave your mark,

On her body,

Smile on her face,

In her mind, heart, soul,

Leave your mark on her memory,

Be her everything,

In this moment because this moment is everything,


Let her ride,



Let the heat be where your passions meet,

A furnace,

A lightning storm,

A volcano exploding,

A bond,



Even in a crowded room,

She shines like a diamond,

Undress her with your thought,

Perfection simply,

because She is with you,


Dreams do come true,

and I hope you know baby,

I’ll do anything you want me too,

Just as long as you keep looking at me the way you do...


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