”You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.”

‘Tis the age old question. Is jealousy totally bad, Is it the mental cancer of all things positive in a relationship or does jealousy, on some levels, actually have withstanding qualities?

In my opinion, negativity is never a good thing and jealousy seems to swim in the oceans of negative energy, however, I do believe that as human beings, jealousy does unfortunately have a small placement in the lexicon of our DNA.

I find it almost impossible to believe that if you have someone you care for deeply, a feeling of jealous energy cannot be totally avoided and will rise up to the surface at some point. I will even raise the stakes further and state that in my personal opinion, if you love someone and never fear losing them, you don’t truly love them to the extent you are thinking or claiming.

The key to anything in our lives IS moderation. If you drink, drink in moderation. If you Run, run in moderation. The same can be said for jealousy.

In moderation, a healthy level of concern merely shows depth and caring. We all feel a bit of jealousy from time to time when our mate interacts with an attractive person of the opposite sex, admit it!

It is only human to feel jealousy and in moderation, can be a healthy reminder of how much that love truly means to us.

So, the next time you feel slightly guilty for having a jealous feeling over someone you love, just smile and remember you can be the moon and sometimes still find yourself jealous of the stars but only in moderation of!


Love & Spanks,




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