Last Chance Romance. ☠️

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I call this: Last Chance Romance.

If I said I love you 100 times in an hour, it would never be enough. If I felt your hair upon my face every morning for a million lifetimes, I would still beg for just your touch. It’s not your beautiful face, or goodness of heart that draws me to you. It’s not your unique style or passion for loving that makes my need for you so true. Although these are wonderful qualities, they are not why my mind always has you dancing upon it. No baby, thats not why I think of you. To be honest, It’s the fact that you own a place in my heart that only belongs to you and no matter how much I deny it, it always will. Every note, every word, every kiss you gave and arguement we had, earned this moment I now say to you. Life apart is not something that should have ever happened to us. It is the biggest mistake two people could have ever made if they had what we do. You do not work on yourself apart. You can do that together. You should be someones weakness and desire if love truly lives there. We could never just be friends or pretend. That’s not how we are built, not something we can do because the simpe fact is, I don’t think you can live without me, nor I without you. Whatever has happened in the past must end for the best because truth be told, this is the end of our road so somethings gotta give but when I think I am finally ready to fully let go, I realize one thing and one thing to be true and I do hope you will read this and understand what it took to write this to you: no matter how much I try to forget, or pretend you don’t exist, I am and will always be deeply in love with you, that alone is enough to put aside the war and let you and I finally have what we always dreampt of....simply being one. ☠️


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