Late Night Sexy Thought.


I love the sexy side of life. The dark side, the side that lives on the edge, kisses deep, grabs her belt and pulls her close. A whisper in the ear, partial crack smile while her foot wraps around your leg. Arms around your waste while she rides behind you on the bike. I love that side of life and I make no apologies for it.

As dusk turns a darker shade and I write out these final words before electronic transmission for you, the reader to vibe on, I am playing this song by the artist KHALID feat. Normani and it is a sexy song. It reminds me that regardless of how complicated our lives may become, how trivial love may seem as we grow older, we need to remember our passion. We need to remember to give our lover the love they deserve for us to receive in return. We need to remember how love felt when we were 13 years old and project that upon whomever it is we may share our lives with.

What can I say, I am a fan of passion:

There is something about that shared glance when someone wants you, kiss when someone needs you, hand down the cheek when someone desires you, depth of positive sexual vibes that cannot be summarized or captured in simple words.

Is it animal magnetism? Is it procreation? I am sure it is a bit of all those things, however, I would rather jest that all these beautiful and passionate gestures are actually the dance we take as a human beings with one another to find our piece of heaven on earth. It is the way we bond, way we connect, way we love and ultimately bring passion into our lives.

So I say:

Run your fingers through your lover hair right now, tell them they are the moon to your earth. Kiss them deeply, take their hand and dance with them in the middle of park, hug them in the ocean, and feed them on a mountain top. If we are always waiting for the greener grass on the other side, we will never see the beauty of the yard we live in. Treat your lover well, and they will treat you well in return or move on and find the love of your life who is currently waiting for that dance in the park. Find that sexy mood you have been looking for, find it and never, ever let it go...

It is amazing the power positive sexual vibes can have on our lives and those who share it.

Waste the day, spend the night,

Underneath the Sun rise,

Show me where your love lies...



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