Learning from love.

When I was younger, I had a girlfriend I loved very very deeply. She was beautiful, we had great passion, but as the relationship went on, She became one of the ugliest people I had ever met. To be honest, she was mean and when she was angry, she said some of the most hurt filled things I had ever heard. She made me very self-conscious. I will even admit, She damaged me emotionally in a way that has lasted to this day. From time to time, I will still catch myself thinking I am not attractive or question the way I look because of the things she said. We as human beings should be strong and understand that words are just words but sometimes the damaging effects an abusive relationship has can make that task easier said than done

Many of the things that I write and share are based upon the learning that resulted From that relationship. I am thankful that I’ve experienced that kind of love and negativity. Never regret the scars, bumps, or bruises you have received during your life’s journey. They not only help us develop into better people but they are the reason we evolve into the #beautifulbeasts that we are.

#Wisdom #Learning #Growing


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