Lessons I learned on how to be a rockstar from a rockstar. ☠️

So, I have ran into many rocker wanna-be youngsters over the years that ask for advice on how to become a #Rockstar

Well, I have perfect story and since y’all have been asking for more stories, this is just right for you.

I am going to give all of you the best piece of advice I ever heard on the issue. I received 5

The advice long ago from a member of the famous Michigan band Grand Funk Railroad when they took us under there wing as mentors. The unnamed instrumentalist from the band took me aside (as the singer) and told me the following advice while smokin’ weed and eating steaks after a casino show in Traverse City.

He said: “you know dude, you think your just Gods gift, don’t ya? got shit don’t ya? All sexy and shit. stripper boy, All the chicks wanna fuck ya and the dudes wanna be ya, but here’s the thing hot stuff, in “rock” you can be ugly as fuck, stoned, drunk and half dead yet still get laid...and yeah, they will all still pretend to ❤️ you but thing is stud, shit danglers need to be wiped clean. They just dirty your ass and who wants a worthless, smelly ass Rockstar? Nobody bro.

They don’t love you. They are energy vampires that will kill your music mojo bro, take away who you and suck you dry.

The truth is brother, the fans man. It’s about the fans. They love you unconditionally. You change their lives with your voice, your words, it’s an incredible power that the Gods bestowed upon us that should NEVER be taken for granted. In this whole God for saken thing, you better learn that your fans are your world and the second you lie, cheat or steal from them, you might as well take this gun (pulled a LARGE .357 from backside belt) and put it up to your head - pull the trigger because you my friend, if you lose the fans, your dead. Dump your fucking ego now Steven Tyler, because without the fans, you just a shitty Britney Spears wanna be that nobody wants to see. So, basically your nothing bro. (He took a large toke on his joint and motioned to me) now hit this payote with me brother and let’s eat these fucking cows.

Even lessons from Rockstars are taught like Rockstars. Sexy shit right there... Amen

#TheRockstarLife ☠️






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