Let go of toxic people and say hello to a happier you.

I love this #blog

It allows me the freedom to stream my consciousness and in a very thereputic way without seeing a shrink.

Writing has always been my refuge, so, to find this medium which allows me to share, get to know all of you before I begin the Rock N Roll madness once again really is a special moment in my personal history.

Lately, I have been sharing some thoughts that my be a bit edgy, or provacative in the approach to selling an artist which could

possibly damage what I am trying to accomplish with my new music approach which has taken so many years to attempt.

This may be a very unresponsible thing to say, but I say "fuck it." If you, my friends and fans are offended, I am sorry

but I believe being honest, open and truthful is my only refuge and salvation in this lifetime so I will keep being me, good bad or fucked...

This blog is very simplistic in contrivity. i Took a small hiatus because of the toxic people who harass the shit out of me. The rule is very simple, Toxic People are world destroyers.

This isn’t about a bad day or experience. We all have negative days, bad things happen, shit, we all have a story but I would guess if I polled you, the readers, I believe deep in my heart that 100 percent of you would say your choice would be to have a positive "good" ending to the day instead of wallow in the shallow end of the pool like the negative toxic would want.

If you are someone who can only use the words: I, Me, or MY on a constant basis, you should re-evaluate your level of toxicity.

Selfish seems to be the driving motivation behind becoming a toxic person. Toxics can only see their own sufferage and not take into account the level of negativity their downer attitude can have on those surrounding them.

To put it bluntly, toxic people have blinders on. They do not see how much their own bullshit affects thosE around which makes IS what makes them selfish and toxic.

Unfortunately, this small writing will not be eloquent or hold all of the brilliant answers it probably should have. I am shooting low and hoping it will surfice.

The answer is very simple, to live a good, healthy life, you must cut the toxic people from it until either they fix their own disrespectful bullshit behavior or you, the victim to their bullshit just divorce their presence forever.

We all have to wake up one day and say to our ourselves: "this is enough." We each have to take command of our own lives and no matter the repercussions of walking away from people, stay the course and begin to live for our own sanity.

Keep in mind that Old ass, disrespectful dogs DO NOT learn new


No, they instead learn how to hide the truth deep inside until they lure you in and just when you’re comfortable, roll out the selfish train from the depot again to fuck with you.

We each must wake up and love ourselves, love our future, love who we could become and if we just move past those who are attempting to hold us back with their

own misplaced disfunction, we can live the life we always dreampt of.

Sometimes we must save our selves before we can save the world.

We must realize that putting our selved in a positive mental state first before lending our physical

being out to loan for a world that may need saving is the only true plan there could ever be if we plan to keep our sanity.

Keeping the "TOXICS" out of our wheel house will

allow your dreams become a reality.

Let go of the past. Let go of those who demean you or hold you back. Let go of guilt or blame and strive only for the best life has to offer.

It is waiting for you but not if you let others dictate your happiness.

Let go of toxic people and say hello to a happier you


Love & Spanks,




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