live at 5 now every day.

Hello to all of my friends across the inter-web! Although I am two days into the concept, I am happy to announce "Live at 5" where no matter where I am I will go live to speak to everyone who will listen in the attempt at creating a like minded community of wonderful and unique souls who share their own content and thoughts with other in a "grow

community" type of approach, recruit other scoundrels to the newly formed and quickly growing #pirate13nation spread the word on self help topics such as #Lawofattraction #TheUniverse and other self-loving self-motivational thoughts that can only assist in creating a better / heathier self for you and the world at hand. I look forward to having other artists, scientists, self-help professionals and anyone trying to grow and meet other like-minded motivated people who not only want to grow their online community but their friendships and life overall. In two days #LiveAt5 already has seen a number of wonderful

souls stop by and share. The future is so exciting and along with driver seat motivation and thought of the day, #LiveAt5 is just another example of how and myself truly want to make a difference in the world. I will include the first two episodes below and I will see you today @ 5pm EST.

The pebble has been dropped in the ocean and now sit back and watch those ripples go from waves into a tsunami. I will see you today @ 5pm EST for the next edition of #Liveat5

Love & Spanks,




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