Love 4 Love.

I think we expect too much from romance and love nowadays. Watching movies, TV, listening to music, I believe on some levels we expect romance to be grandiose and unbelievably mind blowing in a almost unrealistic way.

Romance is such a beautiful thing when it’s basic and I believe many of us miss that beauty while expecting movie quality gestures. I ask you, is there anything more beautiful than when a man simply kisses a woman on the forehead, or when a woman writes a short letter of love and sneaks it into her lovers lunch bag for them to find later in the day?

Many of you wish for trips to Hawaii and romance on the beach and I other grandiose gestures only, but as I have stated in the past, I will skip that, just give me the simple and beautidily like: when she puts her head on your chest in the middle of the night, slow dances in the kitchen, thanks you for opening the door, smiles at only you from across the party, takes a sip of your drink at the game, grabs your belt and pulls you close to kiss your lips, dresses up to go out that night just for you, calls you hubbie, wears your shirt to bed, texts to say “I love you baby”...

that is the real stuff, what romance truly is and although I may never find another, I will never give up believing that grandiose gestutes are nice but real romance is simply in her smile...

maybe one day someone will smile for me again, but until that day, I will always, always believe and know that it is the little things that matter the most and at the heart of romance is simply that, heart, and that is what makes love & romance soooo dang beautiful to me. Just Love 4 Love, no matter the size of the gesture. There truly is nothing more special in the entire world. I smile just thinking about it, and never ever take it for granted…




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