Love is a battlefield. ☠️

This poem is called: “Love is a battlefield.”

I don’t think I can take another fake “I Love You.” Don’t want to hear another lame goodbye. Run away from all the “I just want to fuck you” Shed a tear when I think of those who died. Ive had a long road filled with potholes. While staring at the moon I lost track of the sun. It seems the whole world is filled with hearts that have been tortured. So, when a new one appears it feels like you need a loaded gun.

I wish I wasn’t scared to say I Love You. I wish I was better with blame, games and whatever the hell else people nowadays call fun. ...but unfortunately, I am from the old school. A time when you gave your heart away it was to only one. I may not be the greatest human being ever created. Sometimes you may not even find me to be very much fun. ...but I promise you one thing my beautiful. If you love me with all your heart you will only ever need to love one. Although I may be a just broken soul filled with sorrow. Wandering the wastelands away from the abuse of someone I thought I loved. I realize now they never loved me because they never loved themselves. ...and your face suddenly brings me the light I was missing while learning lessons in the shadow of the sun.

I know that you have your own story beautiful, Heartache filled pain.

A dose as lethal as they come. ...but flowers learn to grow between the cracked pavement. ...and you my dear are that beautiful cracked pavement flower blooming in the sun. So, just know this my beautiful wild red rose. Maybe if we lay down these weapons. The ones we cling onto for protection. Maybe just maybe... ...These two shattered hearts,

Well, maybe they can finally mend as one. ☠️ Written by ANGEL


10:34 pm 5/21/2020

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