#MondayMotivation make this week filled with smiles no matter how toxic the air may seem.

#mondaymitivation is about setting your #soulfree and #mental #physical health. You look at me, what do you see? #pirate #biker #gypsysoul well, yes I am all of those but what you do NOT know are the #following I held a 3.97 grade point in college, deans list every semester. Masters degree scholarship offer s. Toured on #festivals such as #ozzfest #lollipalooza #rockapalooza and many others from 2007 - 2011. #1 #altrock song in 15 major markets in 2010-11. Left music to care for my wife until she passed from #TripleNegativeBreastCancer in 2018, house, toys, happiness, self love and just turned down a triple digit salary. Why do I tell you all of this? Because I rose from nothing. Toxic past, knew I had a destiny and no matter what, i always remember two key things: my worth and I love people and never want to forget goals are only to raise you #VibrationAnd not make you better than others. I love life so much. I feel that I have healed my soul and I am ready to go out in public and use my knowledge and talents to make the world a better place. That is why I used this photo. Money, vibration, love, self-worth, they are all a mantra. They all can be enjoyed. I love being a #Rockstar just as much as kissing the woman that you love the most in the world and smiling. Life is about grace. It’s about respect. And it’s about smiling as much as humanly possible. We all struggle. We almost fight but we also must all understand how truly special it is to be alive and have one another. My Monday motivation is the #Mantra i’ve just simply being true to yourself. I passed on a good payday because I just love being a #Pirate and now I want to bring my music and my spirit to the world. #WorldDomination True love. That is my Monday motivation, to simply say to all of you I love you and let’s try to make this entire first week of November 2020 filled with joy and happiness no matter how toxic the air may seem. Have faith in goodness. It is a beautiful thing.🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥#pirate13nation

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