Music is life.

Music is life.

When I was on stage, I used to call our shows “The Church of the Poison Mind.” it felt like being in front of a large group of loving metal heads who bonded through music, dance and love.

We would chant, pump our fist and scream to the Rock Gods and with a thunderous roar, honor them with the power of music.

Although there are many different forms of art, #music is without a doubt, the most powerful and whether performing with #sevendust or #aerosmith every single time, no matter the music, you could witness the power music has.

50,000 or 2 in the audience, it did not matter, I would beat the mic on my head, spit, dance and drop 10 pounds every show for my clergy and even if we were the dirtiest church in the land, our love and musical power made a difference in lives, which I am the most proud of.

I come back for that, the ability to make a difference, find the musical spirit and head the church one more time.

#ChurchorthePoisonMind members, I am back. Let us be good, let us be loving but most of all, let us #rock this Planet one more time, until they kick us off and send us to Mars!

Love & Spanks,



Photo credit: Karen D Cushman. #rocknroll #rock #music #livemusic #musician #band #metal #hardrock #rockstar #love #rockband #drums #singer #art #concert #rockandroll #rockmusic #blues #punk #musica #bass #vintage #heavymetal #live


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