Not all men were created equal or act the same.

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Not all men were created equal or act the same,

Fact not Fiction.

Not all men wake up in the morning with the thought of sexual conquest or disrespect looming prevalent on their minds.

Fact not Fiction.

Not all men spend each passing moment attempting to add another number to their “chicks I’ve slept with” list or boast about everything they have and HAVE NOT accomplished in their lives.

Fact not Fiction.

Not all men were created equal, or act the same.

Fact not Fiction.

I loath statements like all men are players.

I despise the thought that all of the “real men” are gone from Planet Earth,

and maybe in my own small way,

I am trying to get something back,

For the old school guys out there....

…and let me tell you why:

I grew up with an image.

An image of a man.

Strong. Caring. Protecting. Creative. Free and most of all,


The type of man who could fix your car, paint a picture and kiss a woman until her soul knew how deeply he loved both her and life.

Fact not Fiction.

I grew up with the image of a man who held his woman lovingly,

Looked upon her body laying nude in bed and found such a vision inspiring.

Fact not Fiction.

In my mind...

I aspire to be the type of man who was brave enough to let go if his own insecurities and search for a different kind of love.

Not based on money, power or public judgement,

but rather,

The type of love that is real, true and free,

The type of love that makes better people out of whomever the lady I call “you” would be and myself as well...

The kind of love that wants kisses every minute. Smiles every moment. Desires every second and needs to share their passion every day.

Fact not Fiction.

I dreampt of being the type of man who could Love a woman for her freedom and strength, Wisdom and Heart for as much as he loves her body, and truly, truly never run away.

Fact not Fiction.

You know that kind of love,

Where they fight with as much passion as they love,

Love/hate each other every day, even get on each others nerves from time to time

But the most beautiful thing about the that kind of love that never gives up or goes away.

Fact not Fiction.


I grew up with an image of a man that was not created equal or acts the same.

I grew up with an image of a heart,

Broken, beautiful, strong and true,

That wanted a Queen for a lifetime,

and is only a King because of the things he did not say but would rather do,

Didn’t talk much,

but Is always true,

I grew up with images of this,

and to this day,

This is the person and things I aspire to be and do....

Fact not Fiction.

So, what makes me so bold to say not all men were created equal or act the same?

I will end this writing without malice, evil or blame,

I will not delve into how the few that ruin the reputation for the many by actions and shame,

I will not talk of dogs, dirt or even how strong or weak I see their game,

No, I will not tread down this path.

Instead, I will end on love which is where this all began, the only thing that matters of which I am a fan,

Because love is a beautiful thing worth living for and how a male respects that love is what gives him the right to call himself a man In the first place, right?

Fact not Fiction.

I say only this as I have in the past:

Dance with her while she’s barefoot,

Lay with her in the sand,

Spoon her every night,

Be her biggest fan,

Love her till the end of time,

Be her loving man,

Let your heart get lost in her soulful laughter,

See your unborn children in her eyes,

And your future in the touch of her loving hands.

Let your life be made of this and I promise, you will be a happy man.

So, no, I don’t believe all men were created equal or actions are the same,

No ladies and gents, I do not believe this, and I will not hear such blame.

I do not believe that all males are bastards.

I do not believe that all men are heartless,

and in the end, I say to all the ladies out there

Give a brother a chance.

Not because it’s fair or right or even out of the goodness in your hearts,

I say this due to one simple fact.

If I say I love you, I do…

Whether popular or not, it’s just the truth,

and to think a public perception or judgement would steal away the innocence of

Running my hand down her cheek or gently kissing her lips,

Is devestating to my soul.

It takes away the beauty of life. Beauty of moments. Beauty of love and that is truly sad.

Don’t let the worlds short comings ruin your heart. Don’t let your passions die

Because a few rotten apples gave a bad taste to something soooooo sweet.

Fact not Fiction.

So, I say:

Love with all your heart, Kiss her with every last ounce of love in your soul and fuck what the world has to say about it.

How do I know all men were not created equal or act the same?

Because no matter what coined terms human beings have created to label and neatly classify everything in our society.

I live outside of it.

Where passion roams.

Where love is true and when I tell you I love you I do and to be totally honest, I could give two shits less about being equal or acting the same as another man do because for as much as a statement such as this would insinuate, I rock it differently and love that love with all of my whole soul and that my friends is simply...

enough for me.

Fact not Fiction.

…and that’s what I have to say about that.

Love, and Spanx,




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