On this #Easter2020 realize how rich you truly are and don’t even know it. ☠️

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Do you love your woman? Does she silence your madness and calm the beast inside your pain? Do you listen to her dreams and adore her thoughts? Do you wash away her fears and protect her heart? Do you care for her truly to where her ❤️ feels free, laugh at her corny jokes and really try to NOT be mean (even on the bad days)? When she smiles do you smile back? Does she touch your body like no other? Do you hold onto her #passion like a dream? Do you think of what it would be like without her next to you? Think of what it would be like if she forgot what you have, forgot about you? For all of the poetic bullshit, all the words I can bleed, thoughts I exude about love advice to another man about how a relationship should be, the most important thing I can say to you, man to man, from the truth inside of me is simply this: “Her naked body should only belong to someone who falls in love with her naked soul and if you truly love this woman, from the depths of your souls bleeding heart, tomorrow on Easter Morning you will wake up, sit next to the bed and just watch her silence. Watch her lying there and realize for once in your miserable fucking life just how truly wonderful it is having the love of this beautiful woman share your world. It is a gift that can be lost at any moment so cherish what you have. Having her love my friend, it makes you a millionaire.” #chrisstapleton Remember that, fellas! #countryboy #country easter2020🐰 .



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