On this perfect Netflix-less Night.

As the world revolves,

and the street passes by,

I couldn't imagine a more perfect moment,

Not even if I try,

Our friends keep calling,

At the bar and asking why,

but there is something more important than friends and liquor,

Planned for us tonight,

Baby, turn off the Netflix,

and let's leave our hearts opened wide,

As we lay here together, laughing,

Let our bodies intertwine,

We adore when magic happens,

I live to only see you smile,

An Angel from Heaven sent to my world,

I paint her toenails,

While she tells me what our kids are going to look like,

When I'm tired,

She builds me,

When she's crying,

I dry her eyes,

Even a million miles apart,

The moment she texts me,

I know everything is going to be alright,

The girls my one and only,

My Ride or Die,

Others may or may not like us together,

but of all the places on God's green Earth,

I only want to be by her side,

She's funny,

She's sexy,

and I'm proud to show her off to everyone in sight,

That girl has a heart of gold,

and a spirit sprinkled with spice,

She is a special kind of wonderful,

She brings a soft beauty to my life,

but right now,

I am only begging for her lips to change my world,

Change it tonight,

So, yeah our friends keep calling,

Welcome to Saturday night,

and I am positive,

They are all having a great time,

but nights like this are meant for us,

So baby, crawl up by my side,

Push me down, kiss these lips,

Let our passion burn a flame eternally bright,

and even though the world is spinning,

and the street is passing by outside,

We could care less,

Because we are lost in perfection,

Lost in passion,

On this perfect Netfilx-less night...


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