One time post to answer questions on my past. ☠️

This is a one time post to acknowledge the song and answer questions for the many of you new friends who are interested in my 🎶 history and are asking me who I am or where I come from:

My name is ANGEL, I was in a touring alt rock band which you may have seen on popular tour legs such as #ozzfest #lollapalooza from the years 2009 to 2011ish. I had a #1 alt. rock song named #bloodyrose in 7 major US market in 2010 (first thing named bloody rose, started the trend) and the song was named #1 alt song of the year in Detroit, Chicago and a couple other places. For many of you that were around at that time, you also knew that I was living in #LA and the label took me aside for tryout (had the gig) replacement in #VelveuRevolver upon Scott Weiland’s departure but the band discontinued and we were going to form a label band named “Smoking Gun.” However In late 2011, there was a falling out with the record label over rights (they wanted 80% of my money and full ownership of my songs) so I subsequently took them to court and won my songs but lost all control of use rights to the name and all materials were removed (things like MySpace pages with 700,000 fans). Simultaneously, my wife was soon after diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. Due to my disillusionment with the industry and wanting to take care of family, I left music and everyone I had know for almost ten years. On her death bed, my wife actually did make me promise her to return to music and finish what I had started which explains the here and now. I have been catching heat for my past as of late and because I cannot use the name or reference, I dance around the issue. This is a one time post all of you can reference the answers here so I do NOT have to speak on the issue because I have a gag order in place. I will also include this crappy version of the Song Bloody Rose because it’s all I have in the aftermath. Thank you for the questions and I hope this will clear the air and we can move forward to a new beginning.

Love & Spanks,




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