Reader question: What does and does not constitute as cheating?

What does and does not constitute as cheating?

Hello everyone,

Recently, there has been many conversations revolving around my circle regarding what does, and does not constitute as cheating?

I will admit to deleting a few women who are deeply involved in relationships that constantly DM me to talk, wanting advice, and really seem to be

filling a void that is missing in their relationship.

I have been very torn on this action because one of these women was a long-term friend that I was very close with, but the feeling of being the other guy, even emotionally, just doesn’t feel right to me.

For the record, I am not saying that having friends to speak with about your relationship of the opposite sex is s bad thing, or even cheating, but I do believe it rides a fine line that can be crossed, or at the very least, feel that way.

So, what do you consider cheating? What crosses the line and what does not?

Let’s have a spirited conversation on this topic, and see if we can have some fun while learning, and sharing.

I look forward to all of your responses, and as always;

Love & Spanks,




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