Ride or Die Women. Do they still exist?

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

I have always found a freedom in the road.  The never-ending seamlessness of the horizon as you tumble headfirst into your next escapade, journey, hell to be had. I do not know if this comes from the deep burning of my native soul, rumblings of the demons from within or simply a need to be free but the desire to ride whispers softly in my ear like a beautiful temptress speaking to my restless soul and as you can guess, I can never say no.

When my wife passed away, obviously it scorched my soul.  When you lose a running partner, your soulmate, your ride or die, it forces even the baddest of motherfuckers to question who they are and what reasons would there be to start again.  The un-necessary guilt that comes  with losing a spouse  is also something that silently hangs upon your heart like a scarlet letter and only add to the  reasons why one would set fire to their hair before roaring off into the sunset.

Like a bad re-phrasing of Vin Diesel's famously stated line in the film Fast and the Furious:

In those moments filled with adrenaline, filled with pieces of asphalt torched ecstasy, there is a cathartic bouncing of pleasure and pain, truth and dare, reality and dreams that happen which makes one realize not only how precious life is but also how much we, as individuals, need to take ownership of the things we do in Life. Recently, I found my bike plastered under a drivers front bumper, And I would be lying if I didn’t say that added to the reality of how fragile our existence is. Almost  biting the dust  really did drive home the importance of knowing who one is, striving to be a better version of  your self  and not settling for anything less than the best, each and every second that is possible In this lifetime. 

As it often goes, the blog, for me, turns toward the female persuasion.  This probably happens because I associate positive things with women and for me anyway, I like that space I give out in my heart.  Women to me are the poetry where time stands still and sense is made.  They seem to stand for something more than mere sex objects. A woman (the right one) stands for hope, dreams, smiles, jokes, pleasure, pain and of course, the type of tango that only two passionate souls can share when desire meets passion in a place where love reigns supreme.

Also, to me the best things in life are dangerous. Two of those are bikes and women. I love them like the day is long or the night is tempting. I believe I associate the two because of how parallel they seem. Both are strong. Both can be weak if handled incorrectly. Both can be temperamental if misused. Both are engineered with a beautiful design from their Respected creators but most of all, Both are only perfect if you find the right one for you.  As many who have run in my circle will amply know about me, I fall deeply and comitttedly in love with both my motorized vehicles and my women. They run so parallel for me in fact, I am often heckled because ALL of my vehicles are referred to as "she."

So, we have established that I love Bikes & Broads (I say broads to evoke that cringe in the female audience for a smile, I mean woman, actually) so obviously next would be my declaration of love for the term" "Ride or Die Chick." For those who may not recognize this lingo, the term "ride or die love" was made famous by the notorious 20th century gangster's Bonnie & Clyde who shot their way through love and died in a blaze of glory hand in hand.  In popular culture, the terminology has transgressed to the the following: "A "ride-or-die chick", in hip hop culture, is a woman willing to support her man and his illicit lifestyle despite how this might endanger or harm her. Sometimes this is portrayed as a more passive "support and love regardless of their transgressions" role. The "ride or die chick" trope is invoked by both men and women in hip hop with men stating their desire or love of ride or die chicks and women identifying themselves as willing to ride or die. Many of these songs are duets between male and female artists and contain both of these perspectives within the same song."  

 Loss has definitely caused me trust issues  There seems to be a question in every new experience and/or Relationship I may come across as of late. I guess a jaded/scarred heart would cause such a thing, but the truth is, you walk forward into the sun a different person After losing someone, maybe a little more skeptical than you were before I guess. I often wonder  I could even love again, let alone find someone who would first want, and secondly actually fit into the role of my own personal little ride or die running mate.  Lately, I have felt like Clint Eastwood in "The Outlaw Jessie Wales", ride alone, cause some shit, into the sunset after leaving a trail of bodies, but leaving a path of good (hopefully) in my wake.

So, As I deal with my own demons and an injured heart, I have only one question to ask. Is the "Ride or Die Woman" still a reality or has the myth passed into history like sports without steroids? It seems the term was coined (for both men and women) out of a great love of commitment but as of late, like living by a code, many people find that too difficult and would rather just play call of duty or drink Alcohol from fancy drink cups filled with whatever costs too much with half the porency.

Well, call me stupid but I refuse to believe the dream is dead.I love the thought of a ride or die woman too much to abandon it at this point in my life. I refuse to say something so romantic has died off. So, with that said, I would rather in the blog on a positive up note I love the thought of a ride or die woman too much to abandon it at this point in my life. I refuse to say something so romantic has died off. So, with that said, I would rather in the blog on a positive up nothe with a listing Of all the dreamy qualities a ride or die woman should have:

Here list my favorite things about a true #RideorDIeWoman

Has the tongue of a sailor but a heart of gold.

Looks amazing and knows we're in this together.

Speaks of her bad days and knows you are there for her to make them end better.

Shares incredibly passionate nights and loves to wake up free of wardrobe.

Sometimes you don't see eye to eye, but you try to understand each other POV.

Not afraid to get her hands dirty but also not to proud to let her man clean them for her.

Dances around, smiles and tells jokes all day.

Loves a foot massage.

Lets him please her first. 

Gives her perspective and wants to share in the resolution.

Loves to walk, talk and be herself.

Wants to sit in the bar and make out like 16 year olds.

Likes to piss off old people when she grabs your ass in public.

Shares her gum after kissing.

Holds your hand like its her favorite thing on Earth.

Won't let the two of you go to bed early because who can be pissed when she's riding you?

Gets hot at the sound of your voice,

Whispers in your ear to give you the feeling in return.

Wears flip flop so she can kick them off to rub your leg under the table.

Takes care of herself because she knows she is worth it.

Treats everyone equal.

Loves your mom but knows she's your eyes now.

Screams loud at the football game,

Moans louder in the bedroom,

Likes to f#ck in public from time to time because its just cool.

Is smarter than everyone in the room but just smiles.

Likes leather, ripped jeans and a black dress.

Knows how to fire a pistol and can be one too,

Love you until the end of time.

Kisses her name every night you tatted on your arm.

Your heart will melt for a beautiful woman like that...

Many will say I am dreaming  the impossible dream that will never come true. I do not think anything I have written above is ridiculous or beyond the scope of normal human love or interaction.   I say fuck it,  If you truly care for one another, love one another, be totally DOWN FOR ONE ANOTHER, Run away with one another, and never look back. I keep the dream alive for a beautiful woman like this.

Ride or Die Women, Do they still exist?


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