Shadow Woman. ❤️

Shadow woman,

You are beautiful to me,

Not for what you see in the mirror but rather how you fill the world around you with beauty. I know that love can be harsh, Difficult to navigate, even sandpaper to the touch, but for you I would gladly soften up my soul, open up my emotions and unlock my heart, I would gladly work on my short comings for a life with your loving touch. I know I may have been irrational. Reactionary maybe even wrong but I believe instead of fighting each other we have actually been fighting for one another all along. Shadow Woman, please step into the light. Truth be told, I think that I ❤️ you. The past is the past but the only way to change our stars is to let go of our pain and allow what we have to heal those wounds and possibly share something so bright. The beautiful broken is simply me and you. Shadow Woman take my hand, The light is waiting for us.



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