She is a work of art not a piece of meat.

I was just speaking with a female friend from FB and she was thanking me for not being a typical male who messaged her only to make sexual propositions or treat her like a piece of meat.

I was very bothered by this comment, not because it was not appreciated but rather because the woman was thanking me for respecting her and treating her like a human being? WTF?

I am not political or an activist. I do not want to ride the wave of ANY cause to boost my own supposed brand, however...

Give me a moment of your time time to stand upon the soapbox:

I am very bothered by a system of sexual objectification that would blur the lines of gender respect so badly that woman would be thanking me for respecting them as beautiful souls and not talking shit to them, or tellimg what I would like to do...

For the record, I am a wild rocker:

I am a firm supporter of the sexual industry. I do not always agree with it but I do support their right to make art, and money.

I do not blame am industry and for this ludicrous behavior.

I am also an industry artist:

I respect film and media for their portrayal of sexual images. Again, I don‘t always agree with it but I do have respect for it.

Now please hear me out:

Instead, I blame the lexicon of how children are raised and what they are taught for this bastardizatiom of respect for females.

For the record:

I held a front row seat to female objectification while growing up. The crass comments, degrading flirting and lack of respect for waitresses, servicewomen and pedestrians is something I witnessed and has always bothered me my entire life (I am not pandering here, I swear this to be true) to the point it changed my life forever and I NEVER spoke to women in this manner, even when drunk. Witnessing this behavior while growing up scarred me. Watching men treat women like like landing pads for their penis was horrid throughout my entire life. That and that alone how I became the dude you read here online. It made me open my eyes and not want to repeat it.

This behavior is taught by adults to children, not from outside sources, as many conservatives would have you believe but instead, by children witnessing their parents act like pieces of shit. Take it from the source, I speak from experience so fuck you if you try to argue that one. I know better than you, trust me horndog.

As a parent, taking any other stance than accountability for your children’s moral fortitude is a scapegoat, you trying to avoid catching hell for not doing your job, but I see you, f&cker.

Teach your kids to be sexual, teach them to be open to romance and sexuality but that does not mean showing them to cat call, send dick pics or use passive aggression to objectify the opposite or even same sex because you were given a false sense of silent elitism over those you find attractive, learned from your parents.

Instead, I plead to you, break the cycle, yes our your parents fucked up, but be better than they were, do it for your kids, man...

For the record:

I told this friend to NEVER thank me for respecting her as a beautiful human being ever again. I was a bit offended that she even classified me with such low rent thinkkng but so is the price of having a dick and liking woman. I’m willing to pay that price because woman are soooooooo worth it!

Ladies, I know you have heard this before but humor me, not all men are the same. Some of us would like to know the beauty inside of you before sharing the exteriors of taudry lusting passions, I swear to you, good guys exist, give em a chance, yo!

I do hope this exchange between my friend and I will can help us all learn and move towards being a more caring and sexually diverse but respecting society.

I love-love and I hate to see it cheapened by dick pictures and judgements.

Thank you for reading my blog today, do hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Love & Spanks,




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