So You Wanna Be a ROCKSTAR?

The BLOG is BACK SO is THE inappropriate MAYHEM! (18+ ONLY).

Young artist always asked when I was on tour what the best piece of advice I had for them in trying to become a #ROCKSTAR In the wake of this question, I created a #blog called "So you wanna be a ROCKSTAR" that had the potential to help others and become quite popular but I abandon it because duty in life did call. After many of the trials I had to endure in my return to Rock N Roll, there is one thing that stood out beyond the rest and seems befitting to restart this writing of advice out with. When you get past the guitars, 4-4 drum beats and self-loathing, it becomes clear in the quest to become a ROCKSTAR of sorts, THE most important thing about being a Rock Artist is knowing who you truly f#cking are and being able to convey that to the people who love you through the distortion.

In all of my years of creating this loud art form, the one thing I never took for granted was/is people who have shared their time with me and truly do love to ROCK. As i have stated prior, I started this blog out long ago and I really loved it's potential to help other young artists on a larger plain. In the years following, tons and tons of social outlets have whored the idea and made splinter shows and periodicals. So many thoughts have swirled around about the topic and whether Rock N Roll is dead. Well, leave it to my ROCKER attitude, I say fuck em all. I have the answers they all bullshit around. There is one thing that will always stand true, being a real ROCKSTAR is not some whiny bitch-fest laden, self absorbed, self promotion job for the weak to merely become "internet famous" and fuck everyone along the way.

I puke at looking over the toxic wasteland of psudo-artists who get a tattoo, play distortion and immediately classify themselves as "rockers" (puke, puke, puke). There are too many musicians who take advantage of the love that rock fans share to bolster their career. Make no mistake, we are all in it to rock the masses but c'mon people, you berated John Bon Jovi for being "attractive" yet, nowadays, shitty strippers with bad voices can get a million followers by showing their tits. Cool, but give Bon Jovi some credit, dude had talent.

REAL rockers are actually here for the fans, the music and therepy. The truth is, we can only find truth in one thing: creating moments of music that others can escape through and adoring those people for listening. Period. Fuck everything else.

The biggest mistake an artist can make is taking "fans" or unconditional love for granted. The way that I see it, working class people work their asses off all week, if someone can make a song to help take the pain away and bring a smile to their faces, that is what Rock N Roll is truly about. Fuck yes!

Many people do not understand what Rock truly is. It is not being the loudest or the baddest or the richest. It is not a pair of shoes or the most expensive guitars or getting signed to a label. Although all of those things are nice, it is not what keeps the metronome of the beating heart that is Rock N Roll.

Rock is an attitude. It's edgy, it takes risk and no prisoners. There is no true formula to the music other than debotchy and ROCK WILL NEVER DIE, make sure you take note of this. If you just got dumped by your girlfriend, write a song about it. If you are on drugs, write a song about it. If you just got fucked over by the government, write a song about. No holding back. No hiding words or bullshitting around. Rock is edgy, Rock is dangerous but most of all, Rock is the gun that everyone stands down the barrel from and for the correct artist, at the correct moment, with the right song, you will love when they pull the trigger and blow your mind.

I am writing this blog to begin a new chapter. The one that states, it is time to rock, I hope you are ready and for the record, this is what I think of negative bullshit: If you don't think I should write a love song, then f-you. If you don't think I should write a metal song then f-you. I don't really care what the conventional mainstream says, I was always a rocker and even if I die out with the breed, I'm good holding the flag up high until the end. So, you wanna be a ROCKSTAR?

Well, then stop listening to bitchy people try to catagorize what it is your music is about and when they say it isn't pop enough or heavy enough or "old sounding", just remember this: A great song is great, no matter time, space or whatever anyone says. To be honest, good music, regardless of genre is very rockin' indeed, so, fuck those m*therf*ckers.

Included in this #blog re-launch is my example of what a rock band is. My choice (without a doubt) for this first edition is Velvet Revolver who not only stood so badass for ROCK but the LA rock scene as well. In their short time in existence, the group was simply EPIC rockers of attitude and internal demons. RIP Scott, you will always be loved. Watch the video/documentary called: "The Rise of Velvet Revolver" I have on my channel.

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Good luck Rockstars and until next week, do everything I would do and just make sure to call somebody to bail you out of jail Monday Morning...

Love & Spanks,




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